Lake Caineni Bai (Romanian: Lacul Caineni Bai) is a saltwater lake located on the Braila- Buzau road.
The lake has a surface area of 132 ha (0.51 sq mi), a water volume of 2,600,000 m3 (0.00062 cu mi), a length of 4 km (2.5 mi) and a width between 200 m (660 ft) and 800 m (2,600 ft) while the maximum depth reaches 3 m (9.8 ft). The lake is situated in a depression having no links to the any river. Because of the lack of a year-round constant fresh water supply and because of the evaporation process triggered by the dry climate, the concentration of salts in the lake is quite high. The hypertonic water is rich in sulphate salts, bicarbonate, chlorides, iodides, bromides and magnesium salts which led to the formation of a therapeutic mud used to treat different illnesses.The general mineral concentration of the water is around 180g/l.The sapropelic mud contains around 40% organic and 41% mineral substances.The mud is recommended to people with affections of the locomotory system, with gynaecologic affections (especially sterility) and dermatosis patients of all kinds.
Medical and scientific research studies indicate that the salt climatotherapy is very effective in treating numerous illnesses, the most common being the skin disease, psoriasis.Caineni Bai Mud has also been found to have therapeutic effects on skin allergies, vitiligo, loss of pigmentation and early stage mycosis fungoides (skin cancer) and is well known for its anti-aging and beauty benefits.
Pension "Perla Neagra" - familiar and discrete environment !
Pension is where quality and exquisite taste give their hands to give birth to a dream space, a very warm and welcoming place to offer you the comfort you want when you're away from home.
  Perla Neagra House offers our guests accommodation in 16, rooms divided into single rooms, rooms with two beds (twin), honey-moon suites and a beautiful apartment.

  All rooms are equipped with bathroom, free wireless connection, LCD TV, hairdryer, climate, heating, all designed for the comfort of our guests.
  We have parking in front and a pension, a smoking room and a patio with outdoor terrace.
  We are honored and happy to receive the guests at Perla Neagra in a quiet area and close to lake mud.(50m)(160ft)Pension "Perla Neagra" is a special place, full of taste and refinement that provides a pleasant and discreet ambient.
    Originality and refinement make our guesthouse a single, versatile desires of each guest as we cross they threshold. Our rooms denote elegance, simplicity and good taste.
     The staff is available throughout your stay to help create a warm and friendly while maintaining high standards with rigor. Pension "Perla Neagra" you will receive everything you expect from a 3 *** hostel  and something more.
     Our services address both business and tourists keen to spend a dream holiday in the village.
     Pension "Perla Neagra" impresses by combining classic and modern inside, with the charm of the garden and terrace, offering our guests an unforgettable experience.
   Organize MOTO MITINGS with bonfire and various competitions. The time is displayed in ",on Facebook or other sites moto events
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